At Stroud Electrical Services, we know how daunting it can be to identify and solve even the simplest domestic electrical challenges. As much as you may wish to tackle an electrical job on your own, thereʼs a good chance you could put both your home and yourself at risk, especially if you donʼt have the necessary electrical experience.

We go out of our way to offer comprehensive solutions for every residential electrical need, providing the information and resources you need to make an educated decision on the best solution for you. If any work is required, it will always be carried out at a time that suits you and delivered to an agreed deadline, with minimal disruption to your home wherever possible. Our home electricians are experienced in all aspects of domestic electrical installations and repair, from rewiring and home improvements to security systems and electric heating. By being local to you, they are able to provide a quality and cost-effective home electrical service.

Treating Your Home With Respect

We operate on an ethos of excellent customer service. This means we treat your
home as we would our own, always cleaning up after ourselves, as well as using
flooring protectors and shoe covers. Our electricians attend every job in a
marked vehicle and full uniform, giving you peace of mind that theyʼre
professional Electricians.

All of our Electricians are health and safety qualified and will ensure works are
conducted in a safe manor. RAMS can be provided upon request.
Customer safety is our number one priority, and we have a duty to inform you of
anything we see that might pose a danger to your home. However, we will only
ever advise you on the best solutions, leaving the final decision with you. Get in
touch today to find out how we can improve your home, protect your family and
help you save on domestic energy costs.

Periodic Electrical Test & Inspection
Specialists in Electrical Testing

Periodic electrical testing, otherwise known as domestic EICR testing or an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR), is a comprehensive inspection of your homeʼs electrical systems and installation. At Stroud Electrical Services, our specialist periodic testing team can conduct these tests as part of our full range of domestic electrical solutions.

Unlike businesses and landlords, homeowners arenʼt required by law to conduct a periodic electrical test, although it is often required as part of the buying or selling process. Itʼs also good practice to regularly check the safety of your homeʼs electrics, similar to how you would service a boiler or a car. We following every certificate with a quote for remedial work if required.

Why choose Stroud Electrical Services
to carry out your electrical works?

Like anything, electrical installations in the home are subject to deterioration,
ageing and general wear and tear. This is why electrical tests should be
conducted on a regular basis. British Standard BS 76719 (IET Wiring
Regulations) advises that homeowners, landlords and businesses test at the
following intervals:


Homeowners – an electrical test is required once every ten years. If thereʼs a swimming pool on your property, that should be tested every year.


Businesses – employers should have a periodic test undertaken every five years.


Landlords – it is recommended that landlords test their properties once every five years, or when there is a change of tenancy.

What Does Periodic Electrical Testing Involve?

A periodic electrical test will check if your homeʼs electrical installations have
any faults that are unidentifiable with a simple visual check. A number of faults
could occur, such as electrical circuits overheating or becoming overloaded
during use. If an electrical circuit is not installed properly – for example, without
bonding or earthing to secure the electrics safely – it could potentially lead to a
fire or shock hazard. Periodic testing will pinpoint any defective electrical work
in your homeʼs system.
A trained electrician can also carry out a visual check of your property, providing
you with a quick analysis of how safe it is. A visual check will look for damaged
light switches and sockets, broken cables and scorch marks that result from the
overloading of the power outlet. It will also inspect the residual current device
(RCD) for the circuits that operate gardens and bathrooms. These visual checks
should be carried out at regular intervals between the more thorough periodic
Once a periodic test is completed, youʼll be given a certificate by your testing
engineer. This is commonly called an Electrical Inspection Condition Report
(EICR). The report will outline any deterioration, damage, defects or other
dangerous aspects of your electrical system, plus anything that isnʼt aligned
with current safety standards or could place people at risk.

If a periodic test comes back negative, the EICR will be recorded as
“unsatisfactory”, indicating that work is required immediately to remove the risk
to anyone who is living or working in the property. The report will also show
which electrical system(s) failed the periodic test. Any required work is
classified using specific codes:
C1 – this means ‘danger is presentʼ, there is a likely risk of injury and
action is required immediately.
C2 – potentially dangerous with remedial action needed urgently.
C3 – improvements to your electrical system are recommended. This
is the only code that can appear on an EICR and still pass the test.
When your electrical system has fully passed the periodic inspection and any
urgent remedial work is complete, you will be supplied with an EICR Certificate
of Safety, giving you reassurance that your home electrics are safe.
For more information about periodic electrical testing for your home, give Stroud
Electrical Services a call today on 01453 762567

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